June 2022


These three new works signal a change of style, the happenings of the recent past and the present, somehow demand this:

2022 06 046

Pagaent, mixed media auf leinwand, 70X110;

Pageant, a Historical play, or spectacle, symbolizes the reign of Henry the eighth of England.I have used graffiti methods to express the end of  Henry’s bloody and murderous reign : 1509- 1547. The childlike figure, left below, is the princess Elizabeth, his daughter, the other to the right, symbolizes all the other hapless women that Henry had to do with.  Very mixed media: acrylic paint, oil pastel, indian ink, on canvas.

2022 06 047The Birds, mixed media auf leinwand, 80X60 ;

Birds: a paraphrase, much simplified, of Albrecht Duerer’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and is a comment on our world situation at the moment. Acrylic paint, coloured pencil, on canvas.

2022 06 049

Improvisation,  mixed media auf leinwand, 80X60;

Improvisation: is exactly that. Exploring new ground, putting unexpected materials together, pencil, acrylic, oilpastell, also on canvas.

That is all for the moment, look after yourselves, optimism and positive thinking much needed!

Sincerely, Prue Sheridan.


Aug. 2021

Hallo everybody,

I hope all is well with you ,  

I present four new works, all results of the recent happenings in our troubled world, but also positive side affects of lockdown, for example, GARDEN, and the time and need to branch out in new directions. Hence the cartoonesque KOPF, and BOTOX WITCH, a humorous glance at  unusual or striking figures one encounters.

ABSTRACTION is a meditation using elements of happenings on our planet.

That’s all for now, keep well, keep happy, keep safe.

Sincerely, Prue.


KOPF;     60X50     on  CARTON, MIXED MEDIA,  coloured pencil, indian ink, acrylic.

2021 08 KOPF

BOTOX WITCH      80X60     on CANVAS, acrylic, oil pastell.

2021 08 Botox Witch

ABSTRACTION     60X60      on CARTON,  acrylic, indian ink.    

2021 08 Abstraction

GARDEN              50X60     on CARTON ,  acrylic, oil pastell.

2021 08 Garden



Mai 2021 Some new works

Mai 2021:

I present some new works. They are all on paper, the medium is mixed, acrylic oil pastell, indian ink , and measure 90x45 cm.
Four are renditions of the Alsation countryside, and one shows my kitchen .
Simple themes for complicated times !


2021 05 Renditions of the Alsation countryside 2 2021 05 Renditions of the Alsation countryside 1

2021 05 Renditions of the Alsation countryside 2021 05 Renditions of the Alsation countryside 3

2021 05 Kitchen

May 2020

Hallo Dear readers, fellow sufferers in these unexpected times,

Here are some of the fruits of this time of confinement.

As might be expected , three interiors, two on paper,one on canvas, all mixed media ( acrylic , oil pastel, indian ink) ;
I place a different painting in my front window every day for the edification of the very few passers-by, just to play my small part in this drama.
These paintings: let’s just call them interiors 1,2 and 3, 1and 2 are on paper , 63X43, number 3 is on canvas, acrylic, 50X50;

All the very best, Prue.


2020 05 Interiors 1 2020 05 Interiors 2 2020 05 Interiors 3

Sep 2020 Sympathy for the Tree

New series "Sympathy for the Tree"
50X50 cm auf Leinwand
Acryl und Öl Pastel


2020 09 Sympathy for the Tree1

2020 09 Sympathy for the Tree2

2020 09 Sympathy for the Tree3

2020 09 Sympathy for the Tree4

2020 09 Sympathy for the Tree5

March 2020

----    canceled due to Corona :(. ---------


Hallo everybody,

I wanted to draw your attention to a ‘ Happening’ which will take place on the weekend 28-29 of this month,March.
The Deutsche Franzoesisches Rendez-Vous der Kuenste 2020

I will be part of this Exhibition involving five other artists, which  will take place in the Buegerzentrum, Alter Tabakschuppen, Stoeckwiese 6,  76467 Bietigheim / Baden.

The Vernissage takes place on the 28 March, 18.00, and the whole thing continues on Sunday 29, from 11.00 until 15.00, including stage programme, with dancers and other treats!

Not to be missed! See you there!

Sincerely, Prue.

More infos on Facebook or on the Bietigheim Homepage


2020 03