Oct-2017 5 new Paintings

There are 5 new paintings in my Gallery:

Dynamic Bridge:2017 10 Dynamic Bridge


First Bridge:2017 10 first bridge


Scottish Impressions:

2017 10 Scottish Impressions

Soaring Bridge:

2017 10 soaring bridge

War Child:2017 10 war child

May-2017: 3 new paintings

Caprice 01,  Acrylic  on canvas, 70x50cm:

2017 05 Caprice 01

Still Life with soft toys,  Acrylic on canvas, 70x50cm:

2017 05 Still Life with soft toys

Three Mothers,  Acrylic on canvas, 70x50cm:

2017 05 Three Mothers


Exhibition Past,Present,Future , Le Trèfle, Truchtersheim

Hallo Friends,

The Retrospective in Le Trèfle in Truchtersheim PAST,PRESENT;FUTURE is now over.Interesting to see the fruit of 15 year's work brought together in these pleasant surroundings.


Some remarks in the  Visiter's book alluding to the Exhibition:Roughly translated from the French;

.......The paintings are a feast for eyes and soul, thank you !    

...... Hypnotic, astonishing........

...... Mysterious, full of fantasy, I liked it!


That's all for the moment,  Sincerely, Prue Sheridan.



View of Exhibition Past,Present,Future , Le Trèfle, Truchtersheim:2017 05 View of Exhibition PastPresentFuture Le Trèfle Truchtersheim

Jan-2017: 5 new paintings

Hallo and Happy New Year !

Here are some new works – 3 abstracts, a reflection upon the state of our troubled world – They constitute a triptych, and should be shown together. They are all painted on card, using acrylics, and measure 70X50 cms.

The other two, Still Life 2016, and The Gardeners, are mixed media on canvas, and measure 60X50 cms.These works are a sort of antidote

The photo shows my 'Little corner' as part of an Advents' celebration  organised by LES INSOLITES, or The Unusual, in Les Récollets, a disused cloister , in Saverne.

The theme was fairy tales, a subject that occupies me at the moment.

I wish you all a great 2017 !

                                    Sincerely, Prue.

2016 12 My little corner

A reflection upon the state of our troubled world:

2016 12 A reflection upon the state of our troubled world 1-32016 12 A reflection upon the state of our troubled world 2-32016 12 A reflection upon the state of our troubled world 3 3

The gardeners:

2016 12 The Gardeners

Still Life 2016:

2016 12 Still Life

Invitation Past, Present,Future


Hallo Everybody,

Just to let you know that my next exhibition opens on the 15 February  , 2017, at  the Communauté de Communes du Kochersberg  - Le Trèfle, in F.67370  Truchtersheim

It is entiteled,   PAST,PRESENT,FUTURE   and consists of  a large  collection of  works, from the early days in 2003, up until the present day, with a nod to the future.

I am working with the extremely professional and creative Marie-Lin Battaglia who is responsible for the creative and artistic life  in Le Trèfle, and am looking forward with some excitement to this showing, which lasts until 24 April.

The Vernissage  will take place on the 18 February, at 11  in the morning.However the exhibition is open , from Wednesday 15.

That’s all for now, hope to see some familier faces at the Vernissage,


invitation prue sheridan 1

invitation prue sheridan 2


Hallo Everybody!

Just a few words about my next project: namely the illustration and exploration of the world of the Fairy tale.
Beauty and danger, threats, evil implicit and explicit: enough to make one's hair stand on end !

Here are three works in progress, Little Red Ridinghood, and Blue Beard, Das Rottkaeppchen and Blaubart respectively.

More about this later,

Bye for now.


Das Rotkaeppchen

Das Rotkaeppchen