Dec. 2104: new painting TRANSIENT

TRANSIENT, acryl auf leinwand, 60X70cm

Ich war fasziniert von eine foto serie aufgenommen von direkt oberhalb mit die ganze kuerzung,und doch mit sehr viel bewegung und energie.

Sep.14: New Painting

Man and Pinboard, und Lilien mit leuchturm,

Übergemalte Versionen von Big Bang und Lilien mit Leuchturm von 2010.

Ich bin sehr am kritisieren und neu bewerten von existierenden Arbeiten.


Man and Pinboard  ;Acrylic on hardboard ;50X70,  a man looks back on his successful? life:

2014 09 Man and Pinboard


Lilien und Leuchtturm ;Acrylic on hardboard ;50X70, a summer storm at sea:

2014 09  Lilien und Leuchtturm

Aug. 2014: Veg.Fruit@Cat and Simply


Acrylic and pastell on hardboard .
Difficult to photograph,that is why the upper corner is not straight.

2014 08 Veg Fruit Cat

The second painting is called  Simply and is an effort to reduce and simplify.
I find it projects a certain serenity.It measures 80X73, Acrylic and felt pen,also on hardboard. 

2014 08 Simply

Mai 2014: Smudge fire with balloons

This painting is inspired by  the countryside in autumn,when the stubble from the harvest is burnt off.For me a poetic presentiment of the approach of winter.

Smudge fire with balloons.....50X60......Acrylic,feltpen,gold  on cardboard.

Juli 2014: Two new paintings

Night flight

87X77 cms,Acrylic on compressed wood .
This painting is self explanatory.Flying over a dark planet with just a few lighted villages, sport stadiums.

2014 07 Night flight


Scenery,sea or land:

  Scape, 60X92 cm, Acrylic on  canvas

2014 07 Scenery,sea or land


April 2014: Two new paintings

Here are two new works:
"Windmills", inspired by a recent visit to north Germany.Very wet and windy!

And "Diverse Angels Checking", a comment on our Surveillance Society.

You also find them in my Gallery.

2014 04 Windmills

2014 04 Diverse Angels Checking