Hallo Everybody!

Just a few words about my next project: namely the illustration and exploration of the world of the Fairy tale.
Beauty and danger, threats, evil implicit and explicit: enough to make one's hair stand on end !

Here are three works in progress, Little Red Ridinghood, and Blue Beard, Das Rottkaeppchen and Blaubart respectively.

More about this later,

Bye for now.


Das Rotkaeppchen

Das Rotkaeppchen





Video taken at the Vernissage for Metamorphoses

Here is a small video taken at  the Vernissage for Mètamorphose, Du Poéme à la Peinture, which took place at Air et Vie, near to Marmoutier, in Alsace.The poet Jean Paira-Pemberton is present, myself of course.The music was provided by Catherine and Silvain Piron-Paira.A wonderful evening, many people,great atmosphere.The exhibition runs until the 19 March 2016.

Have fun :):


5 new paintings

In my Gallery you find 5 new paintings:

  1. The big sea  70X100, acrylic on canvas
  2. The catch  60X70    acrylic on canvas
  3. It's the boats coming in.  65X83   acrylic on hardboard
  4. Storm tide   60X90  acrylic on canvas
  5. The island    64X83   acrylic on hard board


These paintings are all to do with the Isles of Arainn, off the west coast of Ireland.They are part of the Exhibition; Métamorphose  Du Poème à la Peinture. This opens on the 5 February,2016, at  AIR ET VIE, close to Marmoutier.The vernissage will take place at 17.30.Will post more infos later.


The big sea

The catch

Its the boats coming in

Storm tide

The island

Mar 2105: 3 new paintings

3 new paintigs:

Taifun:   acrylic and felt pen on cardboard    60X52 cm:

2015 03 Taifun


Collision 3:  acrylic and pastel on card        70X50 cm:

2015 03 Collision3


Winterlandscape:  acrylic and white ink on card      70X50  cm:

2015 03 Winterlandscape

Sep. 2015: 3 new paintings

FOCUSING  I think I understand now the spotlight of the sun.............

2015 09 Focusing


DRAGONS   Mostly they speak Welsh and Chinese...............

2015 09 Dragons


GOING TO STRASBOURG IN THE EVENING    And suddenly wheat is knee-high..........

2015 09 Going to Strasbourg in the evening

Jan 2015: Neue Bilder

Landschaftliche Improvisation

brandneu im Januar: Landschaftlicher Improvisation.

Acrylic and felt pen on canvas.60X90, 2015

 (Bild nicht mehr existent)


The trial of Pussy Riot

Acrylic,felt pen, pastell on canvas. 50X70, started in 2012, reworked in 201

2015 01 The trial of Pussy Riot