Visages de Saessolsheim

Dear All,

I am currently working on a new project named "Visages de Saessolsheim".
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Dec 2018: 5 new paintings

Hallo Everybody,

 Here we are almost at the end of 2018 , this year has flown !!!

After our home made  ‘Autumn Market ‘ on the 24 November, I thought I would share with you some of the smaller works  that I painted especially with 

This ‘market’ in mind, and, I must say, they were quite a success.

They are all painted on wood, surrounded by old wooden frames, which gave me the idea making them into mini Theatres, using such ideas as the Commedia dell’ Arte, or Shakespeare’s  A midsummer Night’s Dream, or yet again, The Audition.

They are all painted in acrylic colour, and varnished to a high gloss.They measure 28X21 cms. To 46X36.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and everything  positive for 2019!!!

That’s all for now, sincerely, Prue.

Le Songe d'un Nuit D'et:2018 12 Isabella et Scapin


Le Grand Jetee:

2018 12 LAudition

Isabella et Sapin :

2018 12 La Songe dune nuit dete

Scaramouche et Fiorina:

2018 12 Scaramouche et Fiorina

 L' Audition:

2018 12 Le grand Jetee



Vendredi 31 août 2018 à partir de 18h30 au Cloître des Récollets à Saverne

Chers Amis, Chers amateurs d'art,

J'ai l'honneur de vous inviter au vernissage de l'exposition de Prue Sheridan qui aura lieu 
Vendredi 31 août 2018 à partir de 18h30 au Cloître des Récollets à Saverne.
Vous pourrez découvrir l'exposition du 1er septembre au 15 septembre, du mercredi au dimanche de 14h30 à 18h00.
J'ai rencontré Prue au détour d'une exposition. Interpellée par sa sensibilité et son regard sur le monde, cette artiste dans l'âme nous emmène dans la danse de son univers pictural.
Après une formation à Londres, en danse, théâtre et peinture, Prue Sheridan a d'abord mené une vie de danseuse professionnelle – une carrière en collaboration avec différentes compagnies, en particulier avec Alexander Roy london ballet theatre. En 1984 Prue s'installe en Allemagne, où elle est danseuse et chorégraphe à Osnabruek, Detmold et Dresde. A partir de 2003, elle retrouve sa passion pour la peinture, suivent plusieurs expositions, seule ou à plusieurs.
 Prue Sheridan vit à présent  en alsace.
Au plaisir de vous voir,
Céline Widemann
prue sheridan.jpg

Feb - 2018

A Landscape, and Flight, both painted very freely.Flight, however, poses the question, stay or flee ?


First landscape : 60X60cm, acrylic on canvas, 2018

2018 02 First landscape


Flight  60X60cm, acrylic on canvas, 2018

2018 02 Flight

May-2018: Headscapes - 7 new paintings

Hallo everybody,

Here is a small series of paintings, I call them collectively,
Headscapes, they are imaginary landscapes, incorporating
industriel and urban elements, a mixture I find potentially
exciting. They are painted on paper, using acrylic and oil pastel,
and measure 66X44 cms each.I hope you enjoy them !

That's all for now, have a good Summer, greetings, Prue.

Headscapes1:2018 05 1



2018 05 2


2018 05 3


2018 05 4



2018 05 5



2018 05 6



2018 05 7

Jan - 2018: 6 new paintings

The Cat and the angel, acrylic on hardboard

Cat and the Angel, is a memorial to my beloved cat Squint, who died last year.It shows her, tumour and all, in dialogue with her fate.It is painted on a black background, using bright, glowing colours, a mixture of melancholie and mirth.

2018 01 The Cat and the angel

Snatches of Tramline, acrylic on canvas,40X33

Snatches of Tramline, is a quote from a poem by W.H.Auden, wonderful ! A description of a defunkt industrial lanscape in Northern England.Here I have used an almost monochrome palette, which is also a part of Exploring Black, a theme which interests me at the moment, of which Black and Light is also a part.

2018 01 Snatches of Tramline

Black and Light, a crylic on canvas, 45X55cm:

2018 01 Black and Light


Tall black city, 60X60cm

Tall Black City, a quote from Robert Louis Stevenson, to describe Edinburgh, where I spent a lot of time last year. 2018 01 Tall Black City

Tel Aviv, acrylic on canvas, 36X47cm

Tel Aviv,  a study in the use of diagona2018 01 Tel Aviv

Autumn Bouquet, acrylic on hardboard, 54X38cm 2018 01 Autumn Bouquet