Dec 2018: 5 new paintings

Hallo Everybody,

 Here we are almost at the end of 2018 , this year has flown !!!

After our home made  ‘Autumn Market ‘ on the 24 November, I thought I would share with you some of the smaller works  that I painted especially with 

This ‘market’ in mind, and, I must say, they were quite a success.

They are all painted on wood, surrounded by old wooden frames, which gave me the idea making them into mini Theatres, using such ideas as the Commedia dell’ Arte, or Shakespeare’s  A midsummer Night’s Dream, or yet again, The Audition.

They are all painted in acrylic colour, and varnished to a high gloss.They measure 28X21 cms. To 46X36.

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and everything  positive for 2019!!!

That’s all for now, sincerely, Prue.

Le Songe d'un Nuit D'et:2018 12 Isabella et Scapin


Le Grand Jetee:

2018 12 LAudition

Isabella et Sapin :

2018 12 La Songe dune nuit dete

Scaramouche et Fiorina:

2018 12 Scaramouche et Fiorina

 L' Audition:

2018 12 Le grand Jetee