The Faces of Saessolsheim

Hallo Friends and Others,


Introducing  ‘The Faces of Saessolsheim’, a series of portraits of members of our community, marvelous lived- in faces, some are farmers, some are artists, members of the church choir, some have experienced great tragedies in there lives, everything that life brings.I hope that I have succeeded to some extent to show this in the paintings.They are all small, 95X95 cms, acrylic and oil pastel, on canvas.


They will all be part of an exhibition in November in my studio in Saessolsheim,’ Art meets Craft,’ ‘Kunst trifft Handwerk’, more details later.

That’s all for now, keep well,  Sincerely, Prue.

 2019 08 07 Alain2019 08 07 Christian

2019 08 07 Jennifer2019 08 07 Mireille


In the meantime, look after yourselves