Exhibition Past,Present,Future , Le Trèfle, Truchtersheim

Hallo Friends,

The Retrospective in Le Trèfle in Truchtersheim PAST,PRESENT;FUTURE is now over.Interesting to see the fruit of 15 year's work brought together in these pleasant surroundings.


Some remarks in the  Visiter's book alluding to the Exhibition:Roughly translated from the French;

.......The paintings are a feast for eyes and soul, thank you !    

...... Hypnotic, astonishing........

...... Mysterious, full of fantasy, I liked it!


That's all for the moment,  Sincerely, Prue Sheridan.



View of Exhibition Past,Present,Future , Le Trèfle, Truchtersheim:2017 05 View of Exhibition PastPresentFuture Le Trèfle Truchtersheim