June 2022


These three new works signal a change of style, the happenings of the recent past and the present, somehow demand this:

2022 06 046

Pagaent, mixed media auf leinwand, 70X110;

Pageant, a Historical play, or spectacle, symbolizes the reign of Henry the eighth of England.I have used graffiti methods to express the end of  Henry’s bloody and murderous reign : 1509- 1547. The childlike figure, left below, is the princess Elizabeth, his daughter, the other to the right, symbolizes all the other hapless women that Henry had to do with.  Very mixed media: acrylic paint, oil pastel, indian ink, on canvas.

2022 06 047The Birds, mixed media auf leinwand, 80X60 ;

Birds: a paraphrase, much simplified, of Albrecht Duerer’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and is a comment on our world situation at the moment. Acrylic paint, coloured pencil, on canvas.

2022 06 049

Improvisation,  mixed media auf leinwand, 80X60;

Improvisation: is exactly that. Exploring new ground, putting unexpected materials together, pencil, acrylic, oilpastell, also on canvas.

That is all for the moment, look after yourselves, optimism and positive thinking much needed!

Sincerely, Prue Sheridan.