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Hallo Friends, Painting fans

I have at last got around to writing , and would like to comment on the paintings most recently posted on this site.

First of all, Cat and the Angel, is a memorial to my beloved cat Squint, who died last year.It shows her, tumour and all, in dialogue with her fate.It is painted on a black background, using bright, glowing colours, a mixture of melancholie and mirth.

Snatches of Tramline, is a quote from a poem by W.H.Auden, wonderful ! A description of a defunkt industrial lanscape in Northern England.Here I have used an almost monochrome palette, which is also a part of Exploring Black, a theme which interests me at the moment, of which Black and Light is also a part.

Then, Tall Black City, a quote from Robert Louis Stevenson, to describe Edinburgh, where I spent a lot of time last year. Tel Aviv, a study in the use of diagonals.

There remain two works , painted this year, A Landscape, and Flight, both painted very freely.Flight, however, poses the question, stay or flee ?

Am working on a series of works on paper, We'll see, as my mother used to say !

I wish each and everyone of you an interesting and creative year, HEALTH !

Sincerely, Prue.


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Prue Sheridan